Falcon Tackle Ring (Senior)



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All it takes is one big play to change the game…

Get it right, you win. Get it wrong, you lose. Made to help you get it right, the Senior Standard Tackle Ring is the safest way to bring the speed of a real game to the practice field. Better get yours today… you never know when your next big play will be.

Practice with Precision.

If you’re strong, you’ll hit hard. If your form is right, you’ll hit hard every time. If you want to hit hard every time, you need to lay the groundwork.

By taking full control over the speed and direction of the ring, the Senior Standard Tackle Ring will help you focus on all of the fundamentals of form-tackling with ease. Plus, you can wrap your arms fully around it – just like a real ball-carrier. It even has straps that can hold a rugby ball or football, so you can create opportunities for fumbles.

Use the Senior Standard Tackle Ring to improve:

  • Front-on tackles.
  • Side-on tackles.
  • Pursuit tackles.
  • Diagonal tackles.
  • Hawk tackles.

All the Gain…Without the Pain

The best part about the Senior Standard Tackle Ring is that it moves like a runner, but doesn’t feel like one on impact. It’s the perfect size, weight and feel to help you perfect your tackling on a moving target as safely as possible. You’ll lower the risk of injuring yourself – and your teammates – while still improving your game for when it counts.

The Senior Standard Tackle Ring is made especially for:

  • Players who are new to rugby or football.
  • Creating safer and higher tackle success rates for players.
  • Teaching proper tackle technique.
  • Adding new drills to practice.
  • Building faster instincts for poaching and fumble recovery.

Tackling Cues

Aim too high and you’ll fly over the top of it (like when a runner stiff arms you). Too low and it’ll fall on top of you (like when a runner breaks free). But, if you hit its sweet spot (like a runner’s hips or legs), then it’s going down hard… just like in a real game.

Note: Rugby ball or Football are not included

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